Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Beauty of Crescent City, Florida

Crescent City Florida sits up high on a bluff overlooking Crescent Lake. The downtown area has small locally owned shops selling antiques, wedding apparel, health foods, a bed and breakfast, waterfront restaurant and wine shop. It is not a large downtown area but small enough to easily walk around from one end to the other. Large stately historical houses and small ones and even modern ones can be seen within a few blocks of the lake. The lake is famous for it's bass fishing and has an island in the middle of it. The top of the lake has Dunns creek which is  a wide creek which is deep enough for 60' boats to go down and it goes into the St. Johns river. Sometimes large boats use Crescent Lake as a safe haven during hurricane season. Crescent city has an Eagles, Moose and Shriners lodges. There are also small locally owned bars that feature country music and karaoke.
There are small hotels along highway 17 where you can stay while looking at Crescent City real estate in the area.

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