Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Crescent City, Florida Real Estate for Sale

I have a 2 story duplex house for sale in Crescent City Florida at 116 Eucalyptus St. that we have owned for about 7 years. It has wraparound porches on 3 sides. Utility room on the downstairs porch with a washer and dryer. It is only 1 block from Crescent Lake which is a very large lake that goes into the St. Johns River via Dunns Creek. The neighborhood of Crescent City is a very pretty and quiet historical area with large oak trees lining the streets and within 2 block of the lake you can look down and see the lake because Crescent City itself sits up on a bluff overlooking it.
There is a waterfront restaurant within walking distance of the house and nursing home down on the lake. If you want towards the lake and turn left it is a pretty walk thru the neighborhood with a view of the lake and the houses that are built along it. There is a publix grocery store within driving distance about 2 miles north and a couple of strip centers with a dollar store and banks about a mile away. There is a library, elementary school and convenience store within walking distance.
There are bouganvillea bushes, pine trees, cedar trees and magnolia in the yard. Pink amarilas flowers bloom out front in the sidewalk landscape box. You can rent one floor of the house and live on the other - which makes for a great retirement or rental property.

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