Saturday, June 09, 2007

I just can't say enough about how pretty it is walking around Crescent City in Florida. There is a cool breeze that comes off the lake so even in the summer here in Florida you can walk around comfortably in the afternoons. The big oaks trees along the streets provide ample shade as you walk along admiring all the different types of architecture along the way. There are some people that have put alot of money and effort into remodeling these older homes to their former stately beauty and I hope that newcomers to this area will do the same. There are plenty of home builders out of Deland with experience in creating the victorian look with wrap around porches and gingerbread. Of course they use more modern materials than the what the older homes were build of. But in many cases these older homes were made with cypress which lasts forever and is very resistant to rot. If you do buy an already built home here of course be sure to get the termite inspection. Right now I have 2 Florida lots for sale right next to each other only 1 block from Crescent lake and in fact one of them has a lake view. It's not that far from Deland just north up Highway 17 thru Barberville and Pierson to get to Crescent City and well worth the trip. If you are in the market for commercial property here in Florida please check out the Restaurant for sale in Pomona Park just up the road from Crescent City.

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